We had a clear aspiration when the cafe was established - to share this amazing view with coffee lovers. Our dream was to open a cafe that would bring joy and nature near citizens. Now it`s our 29 year of cafesummer !

Blue Villas Cafe

It all begun on may 1995. At the beginning the yard had only tree plastic tables and the owner was the only employee. From the beginning there has been a baker that, over the years, has formed a trademark of quality pastries to our cafe. The cafe is a family business and we're still heavily involved in it. 

Our Staff

Good customer service is important to us.

We're proud of our committed staff and reliable cooperation partners. At summer we employ approximately 12 young adults, many of which have been a part of our staff for many years. We have also employed youngs through city's young summer job program for several years and we want to advance young employment and encourage good work experiences.

Best regards,
Päivi ja Lassi Helenius